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What makes underfloor heating healthier?



Did you know that underfloor heating doesn’t only warm your house comfortably, but also has positive effects on your health? Read more below about this beneficial effect.


The comfort of a warm House


Heat is a determining factor for the (residential) comfort of people. A space that feels cold is after all, often not pleasant to stay in and can even result in the stiffness off joints. A sufficiently heated room is great to enter, especially in the cold winter months. So far no difference compared to traditional heating with radiators. So what is it that makes underfloor heating healthier?


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Better air quality by underfloor heating


The answer is: through a better air quality. With underfloor heating, the heat rises from the floor, thus reducing air circulation. This means for example less dust and pollen that circulate in the air, which is certainly is very pleasant for allergy sufferers.


Less chance of mould


In addition to this underfloor heating decreases the development of mould. Heating with radiators very often leads to a thermal bridge effect, that results in mould in the colder corners or window frames. This doesn’t happen with underfloor heating because the differences in temperatures in the space are minimal as the space is evenly heated. Underfloor heating effectively turn the floor in a giant radiant surface and the temperature is nice and warm at you feet, exactly where you want it and only 2 degrees cooler at a height of 2 meters.


Less dust mites in the home


Finally, with underfloor heating you will have less chance of dust mites appearing. The even heat across the room will result is a lower relative humidity than with heating by means of traditional radiators. In addition, the floor is warm and dry, making this very difficult for dust mites to survive. Ideal if you are allergic to this.


Underfloor heating Edinburgh



At Incognito underfloor heating Edinburgh, we have more than 10 years experience with water filled underfloor heating systems as well as electric systems. We also advice and install ground or water source heat pumps, to make your central heating system not just sustainable but als economical!


Do you want more info about underfloor heating? Please view our underfloor heating blog and have a look at the various systems we can provide.