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What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the flagship subscription service offered by Amazon corporation to attract the customers and provide various bonuses to the users. Some of the benefits include rapid delivery, exclusive Amazon Prime Day deals, and other services offered by Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

The cost of the Amazon prime is $12.99 per month, which makes it $119 per year. Following are the detailed advantages of having a Prime membership, so you can decide whether to make this investment.

Free and Rapid Shipping

Amazon Prime members enjoy free shipping in just 1-2 day in the USA. Moreover, quick delivery is provided to international users as well.

Prime Pantry

As the name suggests, Prime Pantry offers grocery items at a very minimum cost. It includes all the essential household items and pet care things as well. However, along with the charges of Amazon Prime, a separate fee of $4.99/month must be paid to access Prime Pantry. Its monthly fee covers the shipping charges of items above $40.

Prime Now

It is one of the latest and most enticing features of Amazon. Through Prime Now, you can get your ordered products in just an hour in selected cities. Some of the cities with the coverage of Prime Now are New York, Cleveland, New Jersey, and Annapolis.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest competitors to Netflix. With an impressive catalogue of critically claimed movies and TV Series, Prime Video has established itself as a highly entertaining streaming service in many countries. Prime Video is producing a lot of good content due to which it is one of the most important benefits of Amazon Prime.

Prime Music: 

Prime Music is another entertaining feature of Amazon Prime. If you are a member of the Prime, you can enjoy unlimited music constantly without any ads.

Prime Photos:

It is the cloud storage of the Amazon and offers unlimited space to the Prime members.

Exclusive Discounts, Deals, and Offers

Prime members can avail exclusive discounts on thousands of products which included free products as well as huge concessions.

Prime Early Access:

Early Access allows the members to get exclusive access to Lightning Deals on Amazon.

Discounted Video Games

Prime members can get videos games for different consoles on discounts. Moreover, Amazon is also developing online games which are exclusive to Prime members

Kindle First

If you are an avid reader, Kindle First is bound to excite you as it gives early access to the members of Amazon Prime to read and download books for free.

Amazon Rewards Visa Card: 

Five percent discount is given via Rewards Visa Card to the Amazon Prime members. Along with the products available at Amazon, members can avail the reward discounts at restaurants, medical stores, gas stations, and other outlets. Moreover, Whole Foods products are also discounted and the chance of 20% money-back is given as well.


Amazon is the pioneer of online shopping and has revolutionised the eCommerce industry. There is a vast demand for Amazon Prime due to its massive benefits. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon is facing delays and issues in shipping. Still, its demand is at an all-time high as people are ordering things while being socially distanced and quarantined at their homes. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video is also seeing a significant surge in viewership as more people are looking for different ways to keep themselves entertained during these difficult times.