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Top Challenging Things to do in Madeira

While you are planning your trip to Madeira, you will be amazed to know that this place has more to offer than you can expect from a place. All you need is to reach Portugal and get a rent a car service. It will be really beneficial for you as you will have a guide who will make your sightseeing experience a really nice one.

So, it’s a good option to opt for rent a car service in Portugal and visit Madeira. The airport is a good place to rent a car. This site can help with comparing prices: The island is really beautiful and prefect for car driving.

Unique things to experience in Maderia

Here we have some things to do in Madeira that will be very joyful for everyone on a family or a business tour.

Pico Ruivo is a challenging but worthy hike

If you are an adventurous person, then this hike can be the best for you. This is the highest peak in Madeira that is about 1862-meters high. This place will present you with the most beautiful scenery while you will have to be fit to reach its top. This can be a great place for clicking the stunning pictures of nature.

Levada Walks can lead your way to a marvelous natural waterfall

In the 16th century, many channels were carved to deliver water in dry areas. Over time, these channels were used because they provided access to many locations. This is the best thing to experience in Madeira because it can lead your way to the great 100-meter high Risco waterfall.

Funchal Cable Car will give you an exceptional 15-minute viewing time

This 15-minute cable cart ride over the old railway track can provide the best visuals. It gives you the views of the sea, the mountains, and the civilizations. On the top, you can get into a basket toboggan for a ride downwards.

Parque Forestal de Queimadas is one of the best natural destinations

This is a subtropical laurel forest filled with plants. In the whole of Europe, this place has some of the largest fonds that you can find. Other than this, the area is filled with plants like moss and ferns. The atmosphere of this forest makes it one of the best picnic spots with the help of the traditional Santana cottage shelter.

Monte Palace Tropical Garden is known for its numerous plants

Madeira is a place that is known for its natural beauty and there are many beautiful gardens there. This is one of them. This garden is full of different plants.

  • Medical plants.
  • Cacti.
  • Herbs beds.
  • Cycads.

Other than these, there are many more. Apart from the plants, this place also tells you about the former Monte Palace Hotel that was built in the 20th century.

Diving and boat trips can be great for enthusiastic people

Madeira is a great place for exploring the sea world. It offers great diving experience to the tourists where the best time to come can be the summer season.

Diving can be an experience where you can take a glimpse of the sea species that you can only see over the internet. Apart from diving, the boat trips are also great. This is because the locals know where they can provide you with a stunning sight of dolphins or whales.

There are about 20 different types of dolphins recorded hare and some whales are also known to come to the upper level of the sea. Some amazing sea species that you can see here are.

  • Pilot whale.
  • Bryde’s whale.
  • Monk seals.
  • Sperm whale.
  • Turtles.
  • Bottlenose dolphins.

By selecting any of these or all of these travel destinations on your trip to Madeira, you can change your traveling experience. The best thing about Madeira is the versatility in the tourism destinations that it has to offer.