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Materials for genomics

When a scientist who studies genes wants to do proper research one needs the right materials for genomics. GC Biotech has many of these products to offer. These can speed up and simplify the process of isolating a certain analyte. The process can be extende by creating multiple batches of the isolated genetic material for multiple experiments. This way a scientist can create reliable reproducible results.

Core ingredients for proper studies include reagents and reactant that can colour a certain part of a sample. Buffers are useful to keep track of the contents of a solution. Enzymes to cut proteins and isolate nucleic acids are used as well. More of these base materials for genomic research can be found in the webshop of GC Biotech. We also have suppliers for specific tools and scientific devices.

Scientific devices

In the biomolecular and genomics field the usage of scientific devices cannot be ignored. Materials need to be processed and handled many times over. An individual scientist would need a lot of time to do this on his or her own. The great many liquid handling machines, plate handling robots, laser sensing systems and spectrophotometers can reduce the time spent on repetitious and arbitrary work. When working with genetic and epigenetic material these automated laboratory systems can reduce the time spent on working with the samples. This in turn increases the time that can be spent on actual research. At our online shop you can find what kind of devices GC Biotech provides to take care of materials used in genomics.

GC Biotech’s suppliers

GC Biotech has a great many of reliable and innovative suppliers like Bioline for nucleic acid isolation. They supply us with the best tools and materials that can be produced today. So if you want to isolate RNA and DNA samples or if you would like a PCR kit to multiply genetic samples on can view our webshop for additional information and a complete overview of all the biotech products we have in store.