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Many options, many pens

Pens come in many shapes and sizes, such as the cross rollerball pen, this pen has some of the best writing qualities I have ever had the pleasure to try. You see, it has the perfect shape, the perfect length, and the perfect resistance between the nib and the paper. This pen keeps your words visible while on the page, all in such a small package. I used to carry a vintage fountain pen with me when I travelled. It was the perfect size for just a couple of notes. But this little device makes me think that I should just carry a little micro nib and a little notebook to write down the little details of the day. So, for those of you who have not tried these little gems, or any other pen with a micro nib, I highly suggest that you do so. When I have some spare time, and the need to get lost in writing, I pick one up.

Findings the right pen is never easy

Great pens are difficult to find. Unlike with other electronic devices, you have to pay quite a bit to have something like a pen (I mean, for the purpose of this example, you will probably need at least three, but can easily find as many as ten). So be sure to shop around for a good deal. Even though these pens are relatively new, you can still find them online. So, give them a shot, and see for yourself, the Montblanc pen is unlike any other.

Parker fountain pens are also well worth their value, the Parker company is one of the greatest that has ever existed. They have produced some of the best fountain pens the world has ever known. I would recommend a Parker 11 S&W if you want to write with some weight and force in your writing. They are the most expensive, and thus the best quality, fountain pen you can find. I would also recommend getting the cap for the pen, Parker calls it a shield, that is what it is. It seals the ink into the pen. So, if you happen to run out of ink, just take the cap off and just let the ink drain from the pen, then you can refill it with ink.

A travelling pen?

 Do you know what’s great about a safari? They are one of the most insightful journeys one can make. A safari, of course, isn’t just a journey to a certain part of the world, but rather a chance to know yourself, grow and make new memories. They are a journey in many ways, especially when you choose to go on your own. If you want to go on your own safari, I suggest that you do the only thing you can do to make sure that you have a great safari, no matter how many people you bring along. Take a leap, with your eyes wide open, in any direction you please, and find your safari. I’m sure you won’t regret it. This is also possible through the great Lamy safari fountain pen.