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Keeping Your Workplace Healthy – 4 Top Tips

Summer, winter, autumn or spring, the time of year doesn’t always matter when it comes to getting ill and keeping healthy. As I’m sure you can imagine, within any size office, germs and illness can spread fast.

Some of which can be controlled, and the rest relies on colleagues and how they handle being ill. With some help to keep the office fit and healthy, we’ve listed 4 top tips.

Washing your hands

Seems obvious doesn’t it? But you’ll be surprised to hear that not all people wash their hands after using the bathroom. Which means germs are being transferred to shared surfaces, within the toilet and continuing into the office space.

The germs carried on the hands will be spread on to the keyboard, mouse and anything they choose to touch – including you!

Eat Healthy

Eating the right foods has many benefits to support your general health. It’s good to feel good, and to eat the right food which fuels your brain for the day. Having a strong mindset can boost productivity and mood.

Not only having fantastic effects on your mental health, eating fruit and vegetables can help keep the body fit to fight again germs and seasonal bugs.

Stay at home

It’s a phrase work places don’t want to hear but from time to time it’s the best solution. If you’re coughing and sneezing, and feeling very under the weather, going into work isn’t the best option.

It’ll pass the illness on to colleagues whilst potentially making you even worse. Weigh up the situation and do what’s right for you and the office.

Sleep Well

If you’re a good sleeper, you’ll know how good an 8 hour sleep will make you feel. It’s important to have a pattern of sleeping as well and for as long as needed to fully rest your body.

When your body is feeling tired and run down, it will struggle to keep you at the peak of health. A good sleep with a well balanced diet can do you the world of good.