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Is a cheap fly curtain good?

It is spring and you will have noticed by now, more and more flies and mosquitoes are coming into our house. Those insects are a major disadvantage of spring and summer. But we have good news, because there is something to do about it. And the solution is very simple. If you use fly curtains in your door opening and insect screens on your windows, you will never again be bothered by buzzing and stinging mosquitoes and annoying flies in your house. If you search online for a fly curtain, you will see that there is a lot of choice. There are complete screen doors with mesh that insects can never get through. But the disadvantage of this is that these screens are often expensive. In addition, you often have to tailor them yourself. It is therefore easier to buy a ready-made fly curtain. A ready-made model is one with strands. That can be beads or steal bamboo. A bamboo curtain is often very beautiful. These also have an attractive and natural look. But often these door curtains are still expensive. Fortunately, there are also cheap fly curtains and you can assume that they are also fine. They are often cheaper because they are made of cheaper material. But in terms of operation, they are not inferior to more expensive fly curtains. When asked whether a cheap fly curtain is good, we can say with full confidence: Yes, certainly! Our company is located in the Netherlands. We are the largest supplier of fly curtains and insect repellents in the Netherlands. We sell relatively many cheap fly curtains and hardly get any complaints about that. People are satisfied and think the price / quality ratio is good. Take a look at the site to get some inspiration.

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