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How to use Monoi oil?

Monoi oil is far from being a tanning oil. It is used only to facilitate tanning. This product has many benefits for the skin as well as the hair. It is no coincidence that Monoi is one of the beauty secrets of Polynesian women. If you too would like to make this oil your beauty ally, find out how to use it in this article.

What is Monoi?

The word “Monoi” means “scented oil”. Monoi oil is a mixture of coconut oil (refined copra) and Tiaré flower (Thiaré Tahiti), which is only found in Tahiti. The latter is considered the emblem of French Polynesia. To get the expected properties, you must use 12 flowers for one liter of coconut oil. Once this is done, you put the mixture in a vat and macerate it for a minimum of 10 days.

The benefits of Monoi oil for the hair

Monoi oil deserves its rightful place in your beauty case. You can use it on your hair, not only in summer but also in winter. Indeed, thanks to its properties, Monoi oil is quite capable of repairing your hair. So if you have brittle hair or dry ends, we advise you to use this fragrant oil. It makes your hair even more shiny and supple. It also has the ability to deeply nourish your lengths. Thanks to the coconut oil, Monoi is able to stop your hair from breaking.

Be aware that the oil does not promote hair growth. However, it does allow you to protect your hair. Hence the use of this hair care product. This scented oil also helps you to eliminate irritations and dandruff.

When you go on holiday, don’t forget to apply this treatment to your hair before swimming. It protects your hair from sand and the sea.
Monoi oil, excellent for your skin.

First of all, it is important to know that Monoi oil does not contain a Solar Protection Factor. However, it is quite capable of accelerating your tan. We advise you to opt for this fragrant oil when you go on holiday.

Monoi oil is also a nourishing product. If you wish, you can use it instead of your body lotion or moisturiser. It can also soothe your skin while promoting cell activity.

Applying Monoi oil to your lengths

The use of this treatment is far from being complicated. If you wish to nourish your hair with this fragrant oil, start by applying it to your lengths like a hair mask. This solution is perfect for those with dry ends. Once you have applied your mask, take a warm towel and leave it on for 30 minutes or overnight. Then rinse your hair. You can even use this scented oil as a conditioner.
For those who have hair with an oily tendency, we suggest you avoid the roots of your hair. However, it is important to know that this product is suitable for all hair types.

How to apply it to the skin?

To moisturize your skin, we advise you to apply this care on your body after your shower. You are also advised to pour a few drops of Monoi oil into your hot water. This solution also allows you to relax after a day’s work. For a little relaxation, you can use this scented oil as a massage oil. Mix the oil with sand and gently massage your whole body for an effective exfoliating action. To remove dead skin, you can mix monoi with a little sugar. Then simply use it as a body scrub.