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Health insurance in the Netherlands for labour migrants

Are you coming to the Netherlands to work and live? Then it is best to take out Dutch health insurance as soon as possible. Everyone who lives or works here is obliged to have at least a basic insurance. This insurance covers you for the most necessary care, such as hospitalisation or a visit to the family doctor. Taking out a health insurance can be difficult as a foreigner. HollandZorg has therefore created a Dutch health insurance policy especially for labour migrants. It is tailored to your situation and offers a number of advantages compared to other health insurances.

Why choose HollandZorg?

HollandZorg makes taking out health insurance easy. You can do this yourself, but it can also be done by your employer. When you leave the Netherlands, it is easy to cancel your public healthcare insurance with us. Or you can stop it temporarily in case you return later. If you are entitled to care allowance, your employer can apply for this for you. Your contact person speaks both Dutch and English and you will receive any documentation in English as well.

Apply for an S1 form or not?

An S1 form is a declaration that you have Dutch health insurance. You need it if you work in the Netherlands but live in another country. You need the S1 form if you need care in your home country. It entitles you to all legally insured medical care in the country where you live. The form is only valid if you do not live in the Netherlands. If you do, the form has no value. You can apply for the S1 form yourself if you have health insurance with HollandZorg. Did your employer arrange your health insurance with us? In that case, it will apply for the form on your behalf.