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Hardware buyback by CTC IT solutions

Organizations with old workstations full of gadgets like computers, tablets, monitors, laptops, network or storage equipment, and servers can now dispose of them securely and quickly.

CTC IT solutions buy old equipment and business software, securely get rid of all the information harboured, and resell them. Following the agreement, we will collect the IT equipment from your work premises.
The only requirement from organizations is to unplug the old hardware, prepare it, and then CTC will cover the rest.

Attractive offers for your used IT equipment

Old workstations and IT equipment usually fill space as the residual value decreases over time. There is also the possibility of an information breach when the equipment lands in the wrong hands. CTC IT solutions aim to eliminate this issue for your organization by collecting old and used IT equipment from the offices.

Advantages of using CTC IT solutions hardware buyback

• Selling hardware to CTC carries its own merits; for instance,
• It aids in freeing up used office space that can be used for other purposes.
• Secures data that could be a potential risk for an organization by ensuring that there is no data leak in the old unused gadgets.
• Securely erases data before remarketing the equipment that has been sold.
• Selling equipment to CTC IT ensures security because the process involves issuing certificates and reports.
• CTC offers ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

H2: Hardware for purchase

• Apple: MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iPhone, Displays, iPad
• Computers: workstation, PC, laptop
• Miscellaneous: monitors that are more than 21 inches.
• Tablets: Samsung, iPad, tablet PC, etc.
• Storage: SAN, NAS, DAS data-carrying equipment (hard drives)
• Servers: used for less than six years

CTC purchases

• Business exploited hardware
• Strictly equipment from public organizations
• More than ten units
• Strictly non-defective and complete equipment
• All other equipment except keyboards, mouse units, cables, inkjet printers, toners, or cartridges.

Method of workstation and hardware replacement

The approach used to replace workstations is safe as it is done in the evening when workstations are free of workers. This approach ensures that the staff is not affected in any way. The process involves moving 50-100 workstations at a go. The following day, workers come to work in the morning at a new functioning workstation. Our method of replacement ensures that 1200 workstations are replaced in 3 weeks without harming the staff.

 The advantages of this approach are;
• It is a fast method as the process is done in workstations free of workers.
• The operation is problem-free as it is very organized and timely.
• The service is paid for by residual value and is affordable for organizations.
• The security involved is top-notch, as certificates and reports are used.