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Flavored e-cigarettes will be definitively banned from 1 October 2023

From October 1, 2023, e-cigarettes may only taste like tobacco. The ban on all other flavours, which are now popular, will then take effect definitively.

This is evident from a publication in the Government Gazette. The ban was announced two years ago, but has since been delayed. The so-called Tobacco and Smoking Products Regulation will contain a list of sixteen flavourings, all of which will taste like tobacco.


No longer attractive to young people

The idea is mainly that smokers can still use them to get rid of their addiction, but that young people are not stimulated to start smoking by ‘all kinds of tempting, exotic flavours’.

Ban on e-cigarette flavors postponed, pulmonologists are concerned

Seven substances that also taste like tobacco, but which RIVM had warned against due to health risks, are not allowed. The RIVM has also warned that it is not entirely clear how bad the other flavors are.


Prepare inventories

The new rules will come into effect on January 1, but the sale itself will only be banned from October 1. Stocks may be used up in the meantime.where to buy e liquids? According to the new rules, it is also not allowed to state on the packaging that the e-cigarette tastes like something other than tobacco.

The Esigbond, trade association of Dutch sellers of electronic cigarettes, thinks that the e-cigarette in the Netherlands will ‘cease to exist’ due to the new legislation. Usemr-joy e cigs for better quality. Association chairman Emil ‘t Hart says that the sixteen flavorings that e-cigarette makers must limit themselves to do not produce a good tobacco taste.