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Ensure operation of your gas flue with the correct dampers

Every industrial flue gas system requires quality flue dampers. The flue damper controls gases passing through the flue system or divert the gas flow to a heat exchanger. These parts are regularly installed in the pipe connecting a boiler and a chimney. If flue dampers and flues are not applied, resulting gases and smoke from the industrial processes accumulate inside the room. It goes without saying that this creates hazardous situations for any personnel working in those rooms. The function of such flue dampers is the energy savings they generate by preventing the loss of generated heat. However, no system is the same, and the same solution cannot be applied everywhere. Hoogenboom Valves has thus taken it upon themselves to produce a great many different types of industrial damper valves, enabling them to provide their projects to clients all over the world.

Flue dampers, created to exacting specifications

At Hoogenboom Valves, high-end 3D software is used for the design and manufacture of any flue damper type. As an example, their bespoke louvre valves are able to withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. No matter which damper you need for your industrial boiler, they will deliver custom work. They gear this towards the required type but also the situation and environment in which the damper is to be used. Materials used range from stainless steel to a variety of different alloys. Hoogenboom Valves can provide many different valve types, such as butterfly damper valves, locking air damper valves, bypass or diverter damper valves, but also specially made flue dampers.

Remain involved with the supply process

Hoogenboom Valves offers you the unique opportunity to remain involved during the supply process. By involving their clients every step of the way, they can adapt to your needs and make use of your own expert insights. In this way they design innovative industrial dampers that will perfectly integrate into your existing systems. Curious about what is possible for your systems? Get in touch with Hoogenboom Valves and ask for more information.