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Considering a career switch, but you don’t know how? Then we have some useful tips for you!

Considering to stop or switch with your current career, but you don’t know how to approach it? Then you came to the right article today! Lots of people are hesitating these days. Whether it’s something concerning grocery shopping, buying new clothes on the internet or booking a plane ticket to a tropical island, everyone is not completely sure about anything they do. Especially when it’s about choosing the right course of study or career in this era of time. It is all about big life choices. In this blog we will make your dilemma choices easier. We have written down a couple of practical advices which you can use, either want to stop, stay or switch from your current job/function to something new! 


  1. Find out what’s wrong at this present moment 

First of all, it is very important to get know the bottom line of the situation: what is the problem? You need to ask yourself an important question “why”: you are not enjoying your current function or company you work for and if there is something you can do to change it at your present job. Maybe you will find out that you don’t have fun, because you haven’t a good relationship with your boss or a colleague you often work with.  


  1. What are your qualities and interests  

At second, it is from important matter to find out who you are! Go back to the basics and ask yourself a couple of essential questions like: who am I, what are my qualities, what are my growth objectives, what are my weaknesses and strengths etcetera. Thereafter you need to try to remember all the things you get a lot of energy from. What are my hobbies, what makes me happy, do I like to work with people, do I want to be my own boss? And so on. A good way to get this personal picture clear, is to write it down somewhere and then evaluate. 


  1. Ask your friends  

Thirdly, it is from great importance that you need to ask your friends and family who you are! Especially people you see often, because let not kid ourselves, it is your family and friends who’s knows you the best and what is the best for you! Maybe they will say: you definitely need to work for a real estate company! Real estate company Rotterdam, real estate company Den Haag? Yeah perhaps! Maybe this, or another job will be your dream career!