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If nothing less than the best-writing, most comfortable pen will do, accept no substitute for MontBlanc ballpoint or fountain pen. This, of course, begs the question: ‘Where can I buy these MontBlanc pens?’. The answer: P.W. Akkerman, located in the city of Amsterdam. In this specialist store, you will find an incredible collection of products from the high-quality MontBlanc brand. As a company specializing in high quality writing implements, all their employees have significant expertise concerning MontBlanc pens. To buy these pens, there is no need to travel all the way to Amsterdam; the online shop of P.W. Akkerman carries their entire product range. This allows them to make their fantastic writing materials available to anyone in the world.

MontBlanc: an illustrious brand with a glorious history

All MontBlanc pens are known worldwide as classic, unique and luxurious; naturally including their ballpoint, mechanical pen and fountain pen models. This famous brand has a storied history. Founded in the beginning of the nineteenth century, MontBlanc hails from Germany. Though initially only producing fountain pens, they eventually diversified into other types of writing implements. The company’s most famous fountain pen, the so-called ‘Meisterstück’, has been wildly successful for many decades in various models, each with its own special upgrades. On each and every MontBlanc pen, the number 4810 is engraved. This marking refers to the height of the eponymous European mountain, while also evoking the lofty heights of beautiful writing. If you are still left wondering ‘Where can I buy these famous MontBlanc pens?’, pay P.W. Akkerman’s online or brick-and-mortar store a visit. You will be immediately engrossed by their luxurious range of products.

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