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Armaflex insulation for the motorhome

Armaflex is a widely used product for motorhome insulation. Because Armaflex has many advantages over other insulation materials for motorhome construction. Armaflex is easy to install in a motorhome. This is because Armaflex has a self-adhesive surface when you remove the foil.

Armaflex is also extremely flexible, making it easy to apply to different surfaces. In addition, it is easy to cut with a box cutter. In addition to the many laying advantages, Armaflex also has a high insulation value. Which again is good to keep the outside temperatures outside the camper.

Armaflex can be ordered in different sizes. This motorhome insulation is supplied in self-adhesive rolls and is one meter wide. You can order the length in different sizes. The thicknesses of Armaflex are also available in different formats. In addition, you also have different variants. Armaflex is available in AF, XG and ACE.

Armaflex 19mm XG is the most chosen form of motorhome insulation because of the price and quality. Armaflex 6mm ACE is of poor quality and is actually not recommended for insulation in a motorhome. AF is the best quality but also the most expensive.

Armaflex 19mm

Armaflex 19mm is considered the best thickness for motorhome insulation. This format is mainly used to insulate the motorhome floor, walls and ceiling. In addition, Armaflex 6 mm is often used to insulate the roof racks and wheel arches of a motorhome.

Before insulating your motorhome with Armaflex, it also makes sense to insulate the motorhome with sound insulation. Such as Alubutyl anti-drumming plates. As a result, noise from the outside is much muffled before it can enter the motorhome. Think, for example, of noises when driving a car or sounds of children playing.

Would you like to know more about motorhome insulation? The motorhome construction specialists of the motorhome construction blog by NOMADS have written an extensive blog about this. Here you will find everything that has to do with motorhome construction. For example in e-books, videos and blogs.