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A double deck trailer guarantees you optimum efficiency

An efficient and environmentally friendly transport is important for any company that has to transport goods across Europe on a regular basis. Putting as much goods in a single trailer without compromising the quality and safety, is one of the core-measures that you have to take to meet these requirements. Blankers Transport provides you with the ultimate solution to ensure that you can apply efficiency and a contribution to sustainability. Choose the double deck trailer from this company and you are able to make use of two different floors. Products can be safely stacked and you can keep them stable during transport. In a double deck trailer there is sufficient room for a forklift as well, so you can work alongside it. Make use of the large fleet at Blankers Transport and the experience of its specialists to guarantee a reliable and high-quality transport.

The reasons why a cooperation with this company is a good idea

This transport company in Ophemert, the Netherlands, is equipped with a large fleet of over 40 trucks. A part of these vehicles is fully suitable for regular transport of many kinds of products and goods. Another part of their vehicles contains a double deck trailer, which offers approximately double the capacity of a regular trailer. When you have to transport, for example, voluminous goods such as foam products and matrasses, a double deck trailer is the perfect solution to save logistics expenses. The hydraulic lift mechanism makes this solution complete, with which you compress voluminous goods that cannot be damaged by this process. Every double deck trailer is equipped with this mechanism.

Any logistical process will be a success

When you get in touch with the specialists from Blankers Transport, you benefit from a great service and high-quality equipment that guarantees you an efficient and environmentally friendly transport. With this complete service, you can be sure that any transport process to any location in Europe will be a success. Do you want to receive more information? Do not hesitate to contact this company to ask your questions.