This is where you will find DAF trucks for sale

Looking for a specialist in the Netherlands with DAF trucks for sale? You know that in this country you’ll be able to find a true specialist. DAF is a Dutch truck manufacturer with its main plant in Eindhoven. They serve countries in the whole world with their world-class trucks, from Europe to Asia and South America. These vehicles are known for their reliability and endurance. DAF has several models currently available. Those are categorized in three series: the CF series, the XF series, and the LF series. Francken & Wagensveld is a well-known company in the Netherlands, specialized in import and export of DAF trucks and their spare parts. They have several DAF trucks for sale from the aforementioned series.

DAF trucks for sale for different kinds of transport

Francken & Wagensveld has several DAF trucks for sale. These are suitable for different kinds of transport. The CF series for example offers excellent trucks for bulk and tank transport and for the retrieval of household waste. Beside this they are usable for regional, national, and worldwide transport depending on the state of the truck. However, this company offers many more DAF trucks for sale. Some examples of these are refrigerated or freezer transport trucks, garbage trucks, tarpaulins, and truck-mounted cranes. They also have trucks with chain systems and hook arm systems.

Always find the right parts

A big advantage of buying the trucks at this company is that they also have all the parts in case your truck needs to be repaired. So you’ll be able to find all the necessities in one place. The specialists of Francken & Wagensveld can take care of the repairs and even maintenance of the DAF trucks. Are you interested in one of the DAF trucks that are for sale of this company? Just check their website for the current availability. You can also always call them for more information.