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The wide applicability of the double A battery

A double A battery is a reliable, transportable energy source that know numerous applications. Think about its applications in your household, ranging from the TV remote to the kitchen scales and children’s toys. Because of its wide applicability, it is always convenient to have a stack of double A batteries laying around. There are also rechargeable double A batteries available. They are a more conscious way of utilising the used resources for the creation of batteries. However, a double A battery has lots of different functions in a household which may result in lack of charged batteries when you forget to recharge.

Profit from bulk prices when you buy new batteries

At 100%PeakPower you find a broad range of all sorts of batteries. One of them is the double A battery for household application. The alkaline batteries are efficient power sources in case of intensive use. This means the kids can play for weeks with the same batteries in their toys. However, it is rather convenient to have some in stock. One of the main advantages of buying your double A batteries in bulk packaging is the cost advantage. When you buy bulk packages of the double A battery at 100%PeakPower, you pay less per battery when your pack size increase. Here is an overview of the prices per battery, per pack size:

  • 4-pack double A battery (£2.50): £0.62 per battery
  • 20-pack double A battery (£5.99): £0.30 per battery
  • 40-pack double A battery (£8.99): £0.22 per battery

Order your portable energy sources right now!

Ordering your supply of double A batteries from 100%PeakPower gives you a certain amount of advantages. The first being that all orders that have been placed before 3pm will be delivered the next day. Another advantage is that all orders above £15 are delivered to your home address without any shipping costs. Make sure to order yours now!