The right egg processing machine for any factory


Whether you have a large or a small egg processing plant, Moba Group has the processing machinery you need. Their Micro25 egg-breaking machine, for instance, is perfect for a small processing plant. It can process 900 to 9,000 eggs an hour and has a compact design. This is ideal for a plant that processes more than eggs alone and only has space for a small machine. Moba Group also manufactures an egg separator machine that is perfect for high capacity egg processing. These machines can handle 18,000 to 226,000 eggs an hour and is extremely reliable, making it the ideal equipment for a large egg processing plant.

Excellent customer service with 24/7 support

You can count on Moba Group for the acquisition of high quality egg processing machinery, but did you know they also have an excellent maintenance service? When your machine needs repairs or maintenance, they have experts at disposal. Simply call their service desk whenever you need them. They are available 24/7, so you can always count on their support. When you call, they can spot the problem from behind their computer. When they have diagnosed the issue, they will either provide you with an easy solution to fix the machine yourself or send a Field Service Support team your way.

Order a processing machine from the world’s leading manufacturer

It is no wonder that Moba Group has become the world’s leading manufacturer of egg processing and egg separator machines. Their high-end equipment and excellent customer service has helped them to establish a leading market position. Is your processing plant in need of a new egg separator machine or other processing equipment? Then you can count on the excellent machinery to fulfil a reliable processing job. Contact Moba Group and order one of their excellent machines. It is a cost effective investment, because you will get an incredibly efficient piece of equipment at a fair price.