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The process of growing microalgae with a bioreactor

By now you know that growing algae can also be good and that these algae are then produced themselves. A lot has gone into knowing this and also realizing it. Fortunately, it is now internationally known and there are also many countries that participate in this.

What do the algae grow in?

An algae bioreactor is used to grow microalgae. These algae are developed to then be used against wastewater treatment. This is done because it is not labor intensive and it also costs little money. While the research into the development of algae and the like has been costly, it has also definitely paid off.

The photobioreactors were created based on extensive knowledge and multiple studies and expertises. It started in the Netherlands and now it is already being done in several countries. There is a two-phase solution here which are called an upstream and downstream. These are two separate phases in which those algae have to go through. This integration increases the productivity of the algae and also makes the production more stable.

The operational costs are very low while the yields are very high. So this is one of the best things to come out of this along with the fact that it is not harmful to the environment and you can also address some things with it in nature.

I want to learn more

It is a very interesting topic to hear about. If you find nature interesting and are also a bit concerned with nature then you will definitely understand what is meant by this. You can learn about the products yourself and also immerse yourself in them with the company. More information about microalgae? Contact Lgem here.

If you have questions that are not answered on the site you can contact the company. You can then call them yourself or fill out the contact form so they will contact you. In the contact form you can already put your question so they can see it and call you with an answer right away.

They also have an office location and an email address in case you want to get in touch in another way or actually go by. There are two locations with one being the headquarters and the other being the lab where all the algae is produced. Want to go by? Just get in touch and ask about opportunities to go by and see the process in real life.