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Stimulate athletes as a referee

You can stimulate athletes to show desired and sportive behavior by giving compliments and emphasizing what goes well. A positive atmosphere brings out the very best in an athlete and of course also in you as a referee!

“Don’t lose, huh?”, “What a bad cross!”, “No, don’t! On and around sports venues you see athletes and their coaches talking a lot about what is not going well and what athletes shouldn’t do. By nature, people tend to emphasize what goes wrong. While the effect of this is completely counterproductive. It is precisely positive encouragement that brings out the very best in an athlete and ensures desired behavior.

Of course you have to intervene in case of unwanted behavior, but you can also reward desired behavior with a compliment or a simple nod and smile. When you do this for both parties, you remain neutral, with the advantage that the self-confidence of athletes increases and they immediately learn what behavior you do like.

– Be positive, respectful and sporty with everyone, because good example follows.

– Radiate energy and positivity before, during and after the match: you clearly feel like it! Also show during the game that fun and enjoyment is part of the game.

– Emphasize the desired behavior and also the progress, for example, image that you think it’s good that a player honestly indicates that the ball is out.

– Give compliments aimed at the effort of an athlete instead of the result, for example, indicate that someone has solved a situation well or has tried to solve it well.

– Also think of non-verbal communication as a simple way to approve behavior of athletes, for example with a nod or smile.

– Formulate points of improvement in the form of a concrete assignment or tip, so not too general ‘Hurry up!’, but specific ‘Throw in faster!’.

– Always be sincere, because athletes see through fake compliments, tricks and double messages.

Another aspect of improving your game is flawless communication with your assistants, so you make the right decisions and you don’t leave players in suspense for too long. With referee communication headsets you can succesfully communicate and make sure you make the correct calls, so athletes can enjoy the game optimally.