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Simple strategies for cutting down on everyday single use plastics

With the prevalence of single-use plastic, it is essential we take steps towards reducing our daily plastic consumption. By decreasing our dependence on plastic, not only can we help create a better future for our planet, but also greatly reduce the need to recycle or dispose of plastic waste altogether.

Be aware of the daily habits

The first step in reducing plastic waste is being aware of our daily habits and looking for ways to cut down on disposable items. For instance, investing in a set of reusable utensils instead of relying on single-use disposables can be a great way to start. Bringing your own water bottle and coffee mug while out and about can also help reduce the reliance on disposable cups and containers. In addition, packing lunches from home into reusable containers helps cut down on the use of sandwich bags and other unnecessary packaging.

What do you buy?

We can also look for ways to make more sustainable choices when purchasing items that come pre-packaged in plastic such as food and household goods. Taking the time to research brands which are committed to using eco-friendly packaging is one way to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Not only does going green save money in the long run, but by supporting sustainable companies we can encourage others to do the same.

Making conscious decisions when it comes to everyday purchases is another critical part of reducing our individual use of plastics. Look for items packaged in glass or paper rather than plastic whenever possible; opt for cardboard produce boxes over plastic; purchase fresh fruits or vegetables over pre-packaged varieties; avoid buying products with microbeads; bring reusable shopping bags with you whenever you go out; and invest in compostable alternatives for items like straws or wraps if possible.

Better future factory

Reducing our everyday use of single-use plastics does not have to be difficult or require drastic changes as there are small actions each person can take that add up over time towards making a big difference for the planet’s health and wellbeing. By taking initiatives such as these, together with the Better Future Factory  mission to reduce plastic waste, we will surely be able to leave behind a healthier world worthy of being proud off.