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Saving water for the planet

We all know it, but when are we going to really do something about it? We are using too much water nowadays. If we would really use it, then it would be necessary, but the problem is that we waste most of the water that is used around the world. You might think, why should we worry about the water, we have oceans full of it. But that is not how it works. The water we are using and wasting is clean drinking water, and not water you can just take from the ocean.

We are using too much water
Try to think about the amounts of water that you use in a day. You probably start your day with flushing the toilet and washing your hands afterwards. Then, you might take a shower, which also uses a lot of water. Later, the same day, you might use the washing machine and dishwasher. All these things use a lot of water, without you noticing it.

Here, in the Western world, no one has to live without water. We do not even appreciate the supply of water anymore because we are so used to it. We do not even know what it feels like to have to live with a limited amount of water. But there are many countries where people struggle with this every day. So, we should help in saving some water.

Saving water
A way to do this, is to buy machines, like your washing machine and dishwasher, that are eco friendly. Normally, these machines use (and waste) a lot of water and these types try to reduce that waste. You can also reuse water with a water pump. With maceration, for example, you can reuse rainwater to flush your toilet. Because it is not necessary to flush your toilet with drinking water, as long as it flushes, it is usable.