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Our top rated Dutch cookie recipes for you to enjoy!

Our top rated Dutch cookie recipes for you to enjoy!

If you think about cookies from Holland, there are probably a few different sorts that come to mind. For instance the cookies of the famous Dutch brand Verkade, or the well known Jules Destrooper cookies. Or maybe you are more of a LU cookies kind of person. If you don’t want to miss your favourite cookies from the Netherlands any longer, you can easily bake them yourself! In this blog we will give you our top rated Dutch cookie recipes! 


We’re told that the first stroopwafels were baked in Gouda in the late 1800s, but these gooey syrup waffle cookies are loved throughout the Netherlands today and taste their best when freshly (home)made. Stroopwafel cookies are made with butter, yeast, caster sugar, an egg, and flour, and then filled with a decadent caramelly type filling consisting of molasses, brown sugar, and cinnamon. The outside part of the cookie is similar to a sugar cone and a Belgian waffle, and then the sweet filling inside—it is just a luscious treat to bite into.


These traditional Dutch speculaas cookies winter-spiced cookies are traditionally enjoyed as a sinterklaas treat, but they’re great any time of year. You might know them as windmill cookies or by their Flemish name, speculoos, and you’ve certainly been served them alongside your coffee or tea. This easy recipe for traditional Dutch speculaas cookies will fill your home with the most beautiful baking smells and your cookie jar with the best-tasting spice cookies.


These thin, crispy treats are known as kletskoppen cookies in the Netherlands and are often used as a dessert garnish or as the classic koekje bij de koffie (”coffee break cookie”) in the Dutch restaurant trade. In Belgium, they go by the beautiful name of Brugse kant (“Bruges lace”).

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