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Monitor your plants with this innovative crop sensor

Are you working in agriculture, and do you need to keep track of every single aspect of your crops? In that case, a crop sensor by Sendot is the perfect solution for you. These sensors allow you to achieve incredibly detailed insights into your cultivation process. Therefore, you will be able to make an extensive analysis of these aspects. This helps you to adapt the environment of your crops if needed and create an optimal situation for your specific cultivation process. Not every crop has the same needs, after all. With this crop sensor, you can view important parameters at any time, allowing you to make changes quickly if needed. Adding to this, you will gain information about the situation of your crops anywhere and at any given point in time. If you need to adjust your strategy and you are not available to do this yourself, you can inform your colleagues timely.

Zoom in on the efficiency of photosynthesis processes

If you specifically want to zoom in on the photosynthesis efficiency of your cultivation process, we recommend making use of Sendot’s photosynthesis sensor. This practical device collects a wide range of data and orders this to give you all the insights you need to optimise your growing processes. This crop sensor gathers data about the photosynthetic activity of your plant. How does this work? It is a quite straightforward process, actually. You clip the sensor to a leaf and let it perform measurements with its innovative meter. You can count on the logger function of the sensor to monitor data in the field for several weeks, if needed. Therefore, you will be able to get to know your plants better. Measure the light at which the plants grow best and adjust necessary factors to speed up the cultivation process.

Contact this company to learn more about their advanced sensors

Are you interested in this innovative crop sensor by Sendot? Contact this company in the Netherlands to learn more about the cutting-edge products and what difference they can make for your facility. If you are interested in one of their affordable but advanced sensors, you can request a quote for more insight into the possibilities.