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Ideal to wear during the slightly cooler days

Ideal to wear during the slightly cooler days 

Most people wear a softshell jacket as an intermediate jacket. It is an ideal jacket to wear during the slightly cooler days in autumn and spring because it is neither too thick nor too thin. For the really chilly days, there is a new solution, the heated jacket. This is a softshell jacket equipped with a heating element that can be set to multiple settings, allowing you to always heat to a comfortable temperature. With ten heating elements that can be switched on per five, you can even choose how warm you want the jacket to get. If it is a bit chilly, you can warm up nicely with five elements on the lowest setting, and if it gets really cold, turn on all ten elements on the highest setting. The heating elements are distributed over the back (six pieces) and front (four pieces) of the heated jacket. 


The first cold days 

When it starts to cool down again in early October and the leaves start to fall, there is nothing better than taking a nice walk in the woods. However, you want to be comfortable and not too cold. By simply putting on your heated jacket, you ensure that the cold will no longer bother you. You therefore enjoy the walk extra because you can use a heated jacket

When the first autumn chill passes to the really cold days in winter, you can set the heated jacket to a warmer setting. The dual heating function of the jacket allows you to fully use all the heating elements. That way, you don’t have to be cold even in the winter.


Work jacket

The heated jacket is also perfect for use while working in a cold store or for people working outside in the cold. The heated jacket’s sturdy softshell fabric and soft lining makes it very comfortable to wear. If you want to wear the warmth closer to your body, a heated body warmer is also available to wear under the jacket. This is also equipped with dual heating technology and features ten heating elements as well.


Warm all day long

The heated jacket comes with two powerful powerbanks. These ensure that you can heat for hours. Depending on the heating setting and whether you have all elements on, you can heat for up to 10 hours. With an extra set of powerbanks, you can heat all day long, charging the empty powerbanks while using the full ones to run your heated jacket. 


Multiple versions

You can get BERTSCHAT┬«’s heated jacket through Several versions of the heated jacket are available. Besides the dual heating version, there is also a single heating version with five heating elements. Of both the single heating and dual heating variant, there is a fitted ladies’ model and a men’s model in the collection. If you are not looking for a heated jacket but another way to warm yourself, hooded jumpers and body warmers are also available. This way, you can be sure you won’t have to suffer from cold weather next winter.