How to customize your NBA Live Mobile app

NBA Live Mobile has a settings menu players can use to adjust audio, gameplay and notifications, to change team and language and to link more accounts.

The settings menu has a few options for players that want to customize their NBA Live Mobile app. To access this menu, players need to tap on the main menu button located on the left upper corner of the user interface. A panel with four options will appear. The Settings menu is the last one.

This menu has multiple sub-menus but only three deal with customization options. The first one which is also on the top of the sub-menu list is Preferences. Tapping edit will allow players to modify gameplay, audio and notification options. In general, the default configuration works for most users but some may prefer the alternative. The gameplay options allow players to change game controls, to auto-switch players on defense and to show feedback for shots and turnovers during matches. The audio options give players the chance to turn music and sound effects on or off. Notifications can be enabled or disabled.

Link Accounts option is right under Preferences. Players can link their game account with a Facebook profile. Doing this will allow them to play against their friends and also to save game progress and resume their session on another device. Language option allows players to change the language of the game. The game is default set to the same language as the device but if players wish to switch to another language they can do this from the Language menu. The available languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, German and Chinese.

Players can change the team that represents their franchise thanks to the Change Team option. They can choose another team and logo. The change will not affect owned player cards or progress. Players will just have another NBA team, uniform and home stadium. The Settings menu contains other sub-menus that allow players to train, to access the game manual, to provide feedback for the NBA Live Mobile app and to contact the support team. The NBA live mobile coins are also you needed for your playing, the enough better players you can get if you have enough coins.