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How do I get my warehouse floor clean in 3 steps

How do I get my warehouse floor clean in 3 steps 

Warehouse floors and/or mezzanine floors go through a lot during the day, order pickers come and go, the machines and equipment are not always very clean, and the packages fly back and forth. This also means that a warehouse floor can get incredibly dirty during the weeks. In this blog article, we give some tips on how to make warehouse floors spotless again. Can you use some advice? Then read on. 


Step 1: Clean up and vacuum

Start by collecting all the large pieces of dirt from the floor. Chances are you’ll find pieces of paper, cardboard, and plastic as you wander through the aisles. Take a bin bag with you and clean up the biggest pieces. This makes vacuuming a lot easier. When you have cleared away the large items, you can start on the hoover. It will clean up all the finer dirt. Once you are done with the cleaning up and vacuuming you will already start to notice a major difference. 


Step 2: Mop the floor thoroughly

When all the fine dust has disappeared, it’s time to bring out the mop. After all, a mop can easily be used to remove all large stains. If something has been broken, it will probably have left a mark. So mopping is certainly important if you want the warehouse floor to be clean again. It is best to use a special floor cleaner. 


Step 3. Dry the floor

Once the floor has been mopped, it must dry before you can use it again. When you walk on the wet floor you will immediately create stains again and you will see the footprints when the floor is dry. So, it’s best to clean the floor when it’s quiet in the warehouse. Otherwise, you will have to redo this process a lot earlier than you want to.