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Get swivel flanges for your piping system from this supplier

Are you looking for a supplier where you can buy swivel flanges for your piping system? is the supplier you have been looking for! This is a one-stop web shop where you can buy all the piping products you need, ranging from pipes and fittings to flanges and gaskets. So, also if you need new swivel flanges to repair or build your piping system, you need to be in their web shop!

More about swivel flanges

Swivel flanges are a combination of two constructions; one part is a heavy forged welding hub and the other part is a rotating forged ring. The rotated forged ring serves as a mating flange to a weld neck or other flange. This ring is held in position by a retaining ring. This type of flange is commonly used in offshore piping. The swivel flanges at are available in different pressure ratings and dimensions. It is important that you know the desired pressure and size for your swivel flanges, so that they can provide you with a quotation that fits your requests.

The benefits of buying your swivel flanges from this supplier

There are many benefits to buying your swivel flanges at The main benefit is that you can buy all your desired items in one place. So, even if you want to buy additional products with your swivel flanges, you have the opportunity to do so. Moreover, you benefit from quick delivery and an excellent price-quality ratio when you place an order at this supplier.

Directly request your quotation

Take your time to find the right swivel flanges for your application in the range of piping products at Once you have found all the items you were looking for, simply add them to your inquiry, review the quote and make changes if necessary. Are all your desired items on the quote? Then submit your quote request and will get back to you as soon as possible!