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Do you need a 5D bend?

Are you looking for a bend with a specific radius such as a 5D bend? If you do not fully understand that sentence, continue reading. In this article we will do our best to explain everything clearly. The ‘5D’ in 5D bend is an indicator of the radius of the diameter, which is five times the nominal diameter in this case. Do not hesitate to ask your specialist for further assistance to make sure the radius of the 5D bend is suitable for your project. A specialist such as is always available for additional information. They mainly create products for pipes and pipe bends, that are in used in the chemical, gas and oil and electricity industries as constructive passageways to smoothen the transfer of all kinds of substances, such as water and fuel.

What exactly is a barred tee and why do you need it?

If you are in search of a tee for your pipe system, it is important to purchase the exact model you need. When it comes to pigging, the advanced cleaning of your piping system with a mobile cleaning prop (the ‘pig’), it is essential to have both regular tees as well as barred tees. These tee fittings are used to steer the pig. The barred tee is used to prevent the pig from flowing into the branch pipes from the collector pipe. In other words, knowing the difference between a regular tee and a barred tee is very important if you want to clean your pipes in an efficient way.

Ask your specialist for futher assistance

Be sure to ask a specialist, such as, for help in choosing a particular tee. It is not always clear which type you need. Specialists are there to help you. The selection of most specialists is quite extensive. So make sure to consult with them and select the products you actually need for for your piping system.