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7 things to think about before renting a car and driving in Spain

Spain is a fascinating country full of beautiful landscapes and many historical places. If you want to know this country and make the most out of you trip, you should consider renting a car. Find out what to expect and what is required for renting a car and driving in Spain. You can find more information here…

You’ll need an international driving permit

You can use your current driver’s license if it is from an EU member, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein, otherwise, you must have an international driving permit to drive in Spain. The rental company is probably not going to ask for this permit, but if a cop pull you over and you don’t have it, you will get fined.

You need to be 21 to rent a car

If you are 18 years old or over, you can drive in Spain. But, to rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old. Many companies also require you to have had your driving license for a minimum of one or two years. And you must also have a credit card when hiring the vehicle.

You can’t drive and have an arm out of the car

This might sound weird but driving with one hand or arm outside of the vehicle can lead to a fine of 100 EUR. The law states that the driver and passengers should always maintain a sensible position inside the vehicle. So, keep your hands inside the car.

Flashing lights means overpassing

If the car behind you starts flashing their headlights at you, it means that they are planning to overpass you. This is not a habit; it is the law! So, you should do it to.

Spain roads on real time

Road conditions on Spain are mostly great, but if you are planning a trip countryside and have you doubts about the road, in Spain you can find out real-time road conditions through the website of the Department of Transportation.

Manual vs Automatic Car Prices

Most of the rental cars in Spain have manual transmission. So, if you only know how to drive an automatic, you should try to learn  how to drive a stick shift before arriving in Spain or be prepared to pay a lot of money for a car with automatic transmission.

Renting a car in Spain is cheaper

Spain is the cheapest place in Europe to rent a car, mainly due to competition, there are plenty car rental companies, during off-peak periods prices of local rental companies drop significatively, whereas the rates of major international companies vary little, you may get a better deal by booking in advance.