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5 ways to take your bachelorette party to the next level!

If you are stepping in getting married soon and are planning your bachelorette party with your friends, here are some tips to make the entire day extra special!

Creative cooking workshops

Do you and your friends enjoy cooking and baking? If so than this idea is perfect for you! There are a ton of creative cooking workshops that are specialized in bachelorette parties. Some offer a mixology course, others focus purely on making a big mess and some even allow you to bring your own ingredients to spice it up! Since it is a bachelorette party there are a lot of fun angles to approach this, for example, you can buy erotic candy or bring some of your favorite wine!

Prosecco pong

You’ve heard of beer pong, but have you heard about Prosecco pong? If you are like me and you don’t really like beer than this is the ideal solution to start off the day just right! Prosecco is not too strong and it is possible to get a non-alcoholic version in case someone is the designated driver and still wants to join in on the fun.

A wellness day

Are you looking for more of a relaxing day than a day full of partying? Take yourself and the bachelorette party to the spa! A day full of sauna’s, bubble baths and massages is just what the bride-to-be needs to unwind before her big day.

Only for the real daredevils

Is the bride someone who lives for adrenaline? Perhaps it is a fun idea to go bungee jumping or skydiving! Besides the fact that it is a fun and daring activity, it can make for some great pictures when the bride takes a leap in a white dress!

High wine

Everyone has heard of a high tea, but have you ever heard about a high wine? It is the exact same concept as a high tea but with a fun twist. You will get multiple types of wine to try out with accompanying snacks and cheeses!